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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  February 14, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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tuesday the aatennion of police -3 3 ((pkg)) as the universsty of paryyand officer who was shoo in he head remaiis in 3 fired that hot....has been pdentified. illiamms. & investigatiin along with five other officers from the city'ss 33&pii no training sceeario whatsoever hat you should bb tyrone powers is not only a -3 former fbi agenn.... he's a & tate ccrtified trainerrass well.1127:55 in a training situution thissii an eetradordinary incident as faa & s i know it's unprecedented lookinn t training academmes &paaross the ccuntry whether &pthey be at theefeddral state or local level ::8 powers says he's beenntaaing calls fromm acrosssthe ountry from - trainerssaa other academiess asking what exaccly happened here. sources telllfox 45...
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break and may havv eenn his loaded serviceeweapon. -pveess, powers says that is no excuue.1:30:01 here's a room - you assemble in and in that room people checcktheir --3weapons remove theer weepons and taak aout what weee gonna dooin thh afternoon sessson anddwhether yoo going to use - pellowwor red handdee weapons you makeethat hange in a &pclosed envvronment where therr are otter trainers. ;18 3 ((joy))kernnhas been with he departmeet for 18 years. at te - time offthis incident, he was assiined as aa instructor in section. 3 pooiie say icy conditions coulddbe toobbame for a fatal crash nngambrills. 3 pt happened around 7-44 this morniig eer waugh chapel oad and silver way.ppliie say -killed when her car crossed theecenter line.. nd collided with a cement anne -3& arundel county alone... theree were 60 crashee beeween 6 aadd
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8 am. &p3 a hharrbreaking story tonight 3 sweet through part of theirr&paberdden apartmenn. 3 3&&pwe know the fiie started inna bedroomm...where the family waa sleeping ttgeeher. the buttit's ncleaa exactly what 3 3 :21 - wrappinn up hosee - nats of waterffghting the flamms didn't take llng...but recovery wiil be aammch tougher ight for a mother nd two young ccildren - left -&& adly burned in this house - fire.(maybe natpop off&pouttthe wwndow?) the fire broke uu around 10-o'clooc 3 say it started in an uustairss bedroom...howard ewing,,md staae fireemarssal'' fficee 09:24 "there was heavy ssook conditiins coming frrm thee second floor apartment."the familyysomeeowwmadeetheir ay outside - by thh timeefiree trucks aarived.but the &pchildren - ages 2 and 4... and theii 26-yyar-old motthr...
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&pare al hospitalizeddtonightt - with severe burns on their uuper bodiee. neighbors nnw pray they'll all suuvive.aarrn it's orriblee i feel rraa bad. i hope everrbodd'ss onna --3 be alriiht."meantime... fire -&pofficcals want to reeind everyyne to check yoor smoke batteriis insidd theealarms at this home....hich ay have howard ewinn, d state fire - marrsal's office:11:20 "well you can nevee saa wwat 3 wwere there is a fire that's &poccurred." 3 investigatorr spent hhurs siffiig through the daaagee... 3&pand bed covers (15:35) .... they're till nnt sure what eeactly sparked the flames.but ttey plan to speak with the victims - when thhy're wll & enougghto be talk. mellnda roeder --fox 45 news at tenn p33 tte fire marshal has takkn over the innestigation - due tt the injuries nvolvvd in this blaze.i'm told all the pictims aae in critical - but stable - condition.melinda roeder - ffx 45 news t 5.
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mmryland'ssdeath ppealty ii once aaiiunder scrutiny in annapolis. governor 'malley repealcapital punishmentt joon rydell haa the latest from the statt oose on this contentious bill... bill... 3 (rydell) " kirk bloodssorth is a familiar incarcerated...anddspent two yyars...on marrland's deaah row....or a murddr he didn't commit. "you cculd havv bben executed. ii's possible, abboluteey, mean yyu don't & know, i mman iwas sentenced po death." but - bloodsworth...was eveettally eeonerated...thankk to d.n.a. eviience.he's nowwa tireless advoccte...for repeaaingthe thing or anybody to endure, &pno marylander shoull ever face this again ever." in a ssnate &pcommittee...bloodss- goverror -3 o'malleyy rged aboliih capital punishhent. -3 (goverroo) "the death penalty does not makk us stronger or mooe
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secure...more effecetive &&por more just."but mmke phll....ho lives in cape st. pllire...still supportssthe death peeaaty..hill) "because --3 we nned to send a message to criminals...for coomitting -3 murder."20-years agoo..hill's younger brother jerry ee 3 brian tate...the teenagerr coovicttd...did notface thh &pdeatt penalty...he was too young. but hill still wwrries aboot the day...when he'' -3 releasee. (hill) "and he is in theee with life and that -3 pne day he will walk the 3(rydell) the ssate 3 that brings us to our quustion -& of the day.should maryland abooish the ddath penaaty? 3 go o fox-baltimore dottcom and tell us what you hiik. you cannaaso sound off through -3 facebook. ssnd us a tweett. at ffxxaltimore. and yyu can && ext your answer to 45503.
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enter fox45a for yes.. oo -3 fox44b ffr no. 3 this... valentine's day... / gett.. yyur weety... &psomeehing other than candy. 3 at.... &pp-burger... in white marss.../ arrn't uuderrooked.../ they'veebeen... dyed red... ii hhnor of he holiday...///.you... can get a & ffre... heart shaped burger..../ when you... buu one for your vvlennine../ .. all you have to do... iss iss and the second burger is free..- 3 valenttnes day... 3 iss.. often filled... &withhflowers, .../ chocolate... and... rooantic &ppdinees foo two. 3 but kathleen cairns findd a &ppaltimoreecouuny.....that only 'words' ccn describe. 3 & 3 snnp-if a picture is wooth a -3 thousand worrs... then thhs &&ppouppe... ouuddmmke a book..
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3 (side two shot)"yeah..we laugh a lot..yeah we do.. more then aad dianne met more thhn a decade ago:"im a nurse ive been a 33 nurse for 30 sme years.." jim has had strokes andd seezures... "jim aad me mett. tell them where we mett.we &pme....he was one of myy 3& (two shoo)"they put a feedingg tube in him cause e coulddnot & cant descriie... (close on -3 him)"how i new what love was ccuse being with her.. i ccnn define it at all thats what makes it sseeiallwiih her" -and- togeetee they have livee deatt.... (side pnnle..eeotiinal)"causs a never know if you wake upp.. 3 wiih him" nd it's jim's - wwods... that haae lead to have something or diaan... "a surprise... (voice)"a letter i - gift... (reading letttr))a
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& wommn whoostands by mme. behind me... anddin front f me to prooect me.. s woull 3 (readiig letttr)"a woomn who does not mind beiig huggeed with oneearm, whee ww sit nd &ptall ann augh realizz ts ok thatti dont walk.. aawwman who does so much more then -3people reasllze... " as ttey hold hands... thisslovv stooy....goes tt show... sooetimes... it takes justta fewwwoods... to make he picture.. 3 (reeding lltter-tww shht)"she is my lovee.. and my best frienn aad all i can sy iss jim... kiss.,.."in balt co 3 "better then chhcolate.. i lovv you ii ove you tto"kc fox 33theecouple is from ohhi, but moved to baltimore couuty so & jim could have better aacesss to johns opkins hospital. 3 it was rrugh ...on the roads for the morning commutt 3 accidents
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due to icy conditions nd any deeays...///. so how are the roodsslooking tonight? tonight?brandi proctor hhs ouu traffic edge report. report. p3 map green spriig 3 balt atiinal pike shawan road p
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3 paying a fee for trash pick-up ppick-uppow people are responding to aa new plan from the mayor of baltimore. 3 3 aa lympii athlete who madd games... is nowwbeing investigated for the murder of his girlfriend.the prevvius incidents surroundinggthe couplee hat haae some people 3 and te two peeple taken hostageeby formerrl-a pplice - pfffccr chris dorner... aree speaking out.what they weee -3 thinking as soon as they saw dornerr 3 --adblib weather tt-- - 3
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3 p,3 a paraaympic superstar who made history last yearrin london as the first double amputee to compete innthe - ollmpic gamess.. is now a suspect in the hooting death -3 of his model girlfriend. -3&pgirrfriend..lizabeth prann... haa dettils... from new york on why hh's already considered theepriie suspect. suspeet. 3 oscarrpiitorioos aae headlines last suumer at the plympic games ii ondon..... &p nicknnmed 'bllde runner' forrthe prosthetics used in - his sport...
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now, he is back in the newss...this time... being investigated inn connection with the murder of his girlfriend.beukes says: - "we can connirm ttat there was - a shoooinn iicident this morning at the hooe of the & well-kkown parallmpic aahlete oscar pistorius. at this stagee we caa confirmmthat a young woman, a 33-year-ool womaa, pid die on the sccne of gunshot wounds.. police -3 arrested iitorius -- the 3 track aa tte olympic games -- pdathhof his girlfriend, modee reeva steenkamp. ppramedics werretryinggto rrvive steenkamp -- who as - shot muuttple timess-- when police arriveddon the scene. africaado not áofficiallyá name suspectssii crimes uuttl but a pollce spokesperson sayyspisttrius - thheshooting.... and -3 there are noá ooher suspeccs involved.beukes aas::"i an confirm thaa there has & the home of mrr oscar pistorius."reporter sks: 3 "i'm not goinggto elabbrateeon been incidents."reporter asss:
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nature." some llcal meeia outlets arr reporring ppstorius may have istakenn steenkamp foor n innruder.... - and accidentally shot her. bbukes says: "we're not sure where this report came froo, it definitely didn't come from 3 servicee" rann sayy "..piitorius' court hearing was originally scheduleddfor thursday afternoonn....but hass & been postponed until work. in nnw york,,elizabeth prann, fox news." 3 an article... last yeer... in &pthe new york times magazine... dessribedd 3 to search his home.../ &p when hiisalarm went off,.../ tte... night ábefoorá... the interview...///.at... the suggestioo... of pistoriis, .../ - pe... aadd where they firedd atttaarets... with... a.. 9-milimeter pistol. two people... taken hostagee.. by aa -3 man... believed to be &pchristopperrdorner... are... ppeaking outt out.jim and karen eynolds... own ...mountaii vista resort.../ . where dornee.... -3 aalegedly... took over &pinto a gun battleewith -3 deputies...///.the...
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couppe say... he showed uu... at the resort... - tuesday.../ & pointed... a un aa them ...before tyyng them up. -3 3 karee reynolds saas: "he had his gun drawn the whole time." jim rrynolls says: "he had the mos reporter: "did you know it wws him?"karen eynolds says: &p"yes."jim reynolds says::"oh yes. as soon as i saw ii." karennreynoods says: "yes."moss reporter says: "how loog weree you in there witt him?""jm reynolds ssys: "aboot fifteen 3& "it fell a lot longer." longer."after the shootout... -& the cabin... the suspect wws in... was see & onnfire...//. iivestigatorss.. inside.../ that's ábelieveeá... to b dorner's.../ but... they 3 earlier we told you about he new push to abolish thh death penalty in maryland. &maryland.and its ur questioo of thh day. &day.. wiil writes n our facebook page...."too many - peoole on deaah row have later -3 been found innocent." 3 wrrtes..."askkthe families of the victims of ccime." crime." a ottof response onn -3 this questtoo ....and there - are ood arguments on both & sides. 3 go toofox-baltimooe dot com and tell us whattyou think. -3 you can aaso sound off through facebook. send us a tweet.. at foxbaltimorr. and you can text youu answwr to 45200.
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enter ox44a for yess. or fox45b for no. 3 3&p thinkiig of sending that special omeooe....omething sppcial on theer cell phone??e have a eartfelt warning for yyu!the odds of hat private picture being sent for the -3 public to see... if hht reeationship turns souu. & 3 an aaterrid is just oors & away... froo passinggby earth. why some scientists actualll pwanná ittto hit us.and here'ss a hint... it has nothhng to do wiih ssience. 3 3 --adblii wwaaher tz--
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3 24 hours away from passinn by eartt.ann scientists say... it coull contain some 200- preccous metals.the asteroid 3 thoosand miles from our planet. experts say... it oesn't pose any threat. & 3 - react toostory- adlib toss &pto vytas... 3 &&p3 3 33
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3 p3 vytaa... - adlib toss to
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3 vytas... 3
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3 nnw at 5530... a skating rrnk brawl... how it started... and whht happeeed when a security guard intervenndd 3if you're looking for love thissvalentine's day... we'll tell you why... just
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3 you've heard of -- sleepwalking... but whht about pleep áteettng?áaccording o & one missouri doctoo... itss more common than you think..- think.thaa's ecause ii recent yearr... more ann mmre teenagees have begun sleeping with phones laying nnxt to teen's beds aad heaas....they &pcan ttxttunconsciously in the -& middle of he nighh. and ffrranyone entering rem sleep text....chances aae yyu won't &&p3ojile
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says: its beiin invaded in aaway, on theii wn,,with computers, cell ppones, it's highly disruptiie to sleep aan fragmenninggtheir - sleep tiiee time. the doctorr&recommends you keep your ppone pf youu seeit for an aaarm... &pat least mooe the phone out of &prrachinn distance. thh b-mmre healthy - exxo returns to baltimore... can get health screenings... see tagee of áliveá eetertainment... a fit and fun more.tte b-morr healthy expp baltimooe convention cenntr. pe'll see you there! with ... today... 3 ttinking...// it's... romantic... to send 3&p...suuggstivv text.. or & picture./.before... yoo do that../.re--ccnsiddr...// re--consider...//experts... software security company.... did a study../// .and...
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ex.../// aater... senddng... ... isque photo..../// 60... percenn oo tte time...thh phooo... you áthoughtáá.. was privaae.../ world...//. ssmetimes... - that... special someone...// is... now... beelzaaub...// we... found... plenty of people... in nnrth baltiiore,.../ admitt.. they've sennta risquee ppcture: 3 "" have done full nudityyfront and back, but only forrthe girllthat i love" &plove"the study... alss 3& howed n ten aaerrcanns.. havv been -3 threatened... by an ex partner when it comes to risky photos. if... youure... looking for ove... & thhs vallntine's day.../ &pp the... place t be. according to a neewsurvey... 3& country's seccnd-best place... one spot... goes to bloomington, illinois... whiih attracts... pa lot of younn people... for
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& its colleges and pniversities...//.the survey ...looks at factors... like income,... & cost of living,. . unemploymenn raae,... the number f 3 and... the cost of a date night out....//otherr.. ggeat cities for sinnles includdeann arbor, - michigan, aan new haven, &pccnnecticct..- 3 "he tolddme hat they had just eaten onion sandwicces and theyywere asking to use the -3 red plastic bags o use the -3 in..." a nightmare - cruise... is coming close to &pgee... once they reech dry land. - 3 concern tonight abouu a free service in altimore... becoming a "feee for service. tte extra bill youumay oon be paying. & 3 --adbllb weather tzz-
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